NBA General Manager 2019

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NBA General Manager is a sports strategy game with the official NBA license where you manage a basketball team in different championships and try to make your team ever more awesome as you win games.

Pick any of the iconic teams from the Eastern or Western Conference to lead to victory. Your team players can be trained to improve their stats. And like in an RPG, you can level up your team to make the players more efficient and therefore improve your lineup's 'power' level.

Like other sports simulators, you can sign new players and give them skills upgrades as you earn them. The most interesting bit is that the game interacts with reality, so your players' stats change depending on how each one performs each week in his actual league or playoffs. Do note that the games aren't shown, you just get the direct result of each game.

NBA General Manager is a fantastic basketball manager game that's constantly updated with new information from the current basketball season, and offers a fun experience for fans of the sport.
By Nelson de Benito
Manage your own NBA team on Android in NBA General Manager

No sports fan can deny that the NBA is one of the most spectacular competitions in the world. Whether your a basketball fan or not, you've probably enjoyed watching LeBron James make slam dunks, or Stephen Curry making shots from a mile away. NBA General Manager is a game that provides you with all the excitement of this competition from a different perspective than you're probably used to: leading and managing your own NBA franchise. 
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Requires Android 4.0 or higher.